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Our team of experienced professionals is here to help. It's important to us that we make life easier and more enjoyable for all our clients.

We're an energetic team of three people:

  • Nadine Casalino, Owner-President
  • Michelle Miller, Manager Broker
  • Kristen Beamer, Administrative Assistant






We have a deep dedication and give our best for our clients. We work with experienced professionals. We want to make a better life for everyone we work with. Enjoy our professionalism!









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Rely on us for property management services

Who is TBC Property Management?

TBC Property Management was purchased from a Real Estate company on January 1st 2016
The owner now is Nadine Casalino. She owns properties in Fort Collins and fell in love
with this city.

Kristen Beamer is the bookkeeper and over all assistant at TBC Property Management. She has years of service
experience. Property management requires the ability to coordinate all aspects of relationships with Owners,
Tenants, and Vendors, and she performs the task like an expert.

Michelle Miller is the employing broker at TBC Property Management. She also is responsible to care for the
owners and tenant on a very personal level. Michelle is a licensee broker and a member of the national
association of residential property managers (NARPM) She is also very active in the Fort Collins Chamber of
commerce. It is her duty to find new owners and arrange for their property management needs. It is her goal to
meet each owner needs on a personal basis. Not all owners want to have their property management services to
be the same. Some owners are very involved in their property management, while others want TBC Property
Management to handle every detail without being involved in any way.

Rely on us for property management services

Who is TBC Property Management?

Taking care of a rental a property can be hard work. A property management company can help you with everything from collecting rent to dealing with work orders. Our goal is to provide simple and convenient services to both renters and property owners.

With our help, you can:

  • List a rental property
  • Find rental properties
  • Manage work orders
  • Bring in new tenants


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We are proudly members of NARPM, Chamber Of Commerce of Fort Collins, Equal Housing Opportunity!


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